Toy Catcher Machine


Cool pop music, fashion voice prompts
Cute carton design with color-lights
Comparison of electronic coin device to facilitate the custom chips
Show the error fault code, easy maintenance
Control stick is easy to operate, paws in the air can extract
Aluminum materials
Suit for game center, amusement park and other entertainment purpose
High quality and at competitive price

Coin Pusher Machine


6 players coin pusher machine
Good quality , last design and easy to operate
Nice appearance and simple game play
Light is flashing and music rocking
Exciting game play
Vivid game, wonderful music attract everybody

Basketball Arcade


Small investment, great profit
Suitable for different amusement centers
5 basketballs are presented
Can single play or link play with others. If link play, extra costs may apply.
LED light board to show scores
Easy to play and easy to maintenance